To join the UELF2019 Volunteer Program, please first fill out and confirm the form on finalbaku2019/app. You will then receive a confirmation SMS or email from the Baku UELF2019 Volunteer team. Once your application has been reviewed and evaluated by the team, you will be invited to the interview. If you pass the interview successfully, you will become a member of the Baku UELF2019 Volunteer family.

Confirmation about the receipt of the form will be sent to you by SMS or email by the Baku UELF2019 Volunteer Team.


Each volunteer must only fill out their own form, and only the person indicated in the form must participate in the interview.

    To become a volunteer, you must:

    • be 18 years of age or above (according to the national legislation);
    • speak the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages (minimum);
    • have a higher education: be a graduate or at Year 2 or 3 at the university;
    • have a previous experience as a volunteer at international or local events